Time Program Chair/Speaker
B room (Seoul national university Children's hospital) - 170 seat
09:40-10:20 Free paper (B1) - Nerve  Sung Tack Kwon [Seoul National University]
Jae Hoon Lee [Kyunghee University]
09:40-09:47 Which factors affect the rate of surgery performed in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome? Yo-Han Lee
09:47-09:54 Do we need an opioid for the pain control after carpal tunnel release? : a randomized controlled study  Joo-Hyoung Ha
09:54-10:01 Value of cross sectional area of median nerve by MRI in carpal tunnel syndrome Sang-yoon Song
10:01-10:08 Preoperative pain sensitization is associated with postoperative pillar pain after open carpal tunnel release  Seok-Woo Hong
10:08-10:20 Discussion
10:20-11:15 Free paper (B2) - Wrist Kyung Moo Yang [Design Hospital]
Yang Guk Chung [The catholic university]
10:20-10:26 Clinical results of pisiformectomy for patients with PTjt pathology Young Ran Jung
10:26-10:32 Result of pisiform excision for the pisiform ligament complex syndrome Young-Woo Kim
10:32-10:38 Treatment of unstable scaphoid nonunion using volar locking plate Young-Woo Kwon
10:38-10:44 Lunate preserving Pronator quadratus pedicled bone graft in the treatment of Kienböck’s Disease Young-Ho Shin
10:44-10:50 Clinical outcome of dorsal perilunate dislocation and fractures Kee-Baek Ahn
10:50-10:56 4 corner arthrodesis with dorsal reaming and plate fixation Bum-Suk Oh
10:56-11:02 Four corner fusion using a multidirectional locking plate Soon-Do Wang
11:02-11:08 Factors affecting union rate when treating scaphoid nonunion using non-vascularized bone grafting with internal fixation: preliminary report Seong-Yun Park
11:08-11:15 Discussion
13:50-14:30 Free paper (B3) Hand Fx and Congenital Yoon Kyu Chung [Yonsei University]
Soo Joong Choi [Hallym University]
13:50-13:56 Indirectly compressive closed pinning and internal fixation of 4 and/or 5th metacarpal bone fracture and/or dislocation with small harmate fracture Hyo-kon Kim
13:56-14:02 Treatment of bony mallet finger via direct fragment pinning and extension-block pinning following percutaneous fragment reduction with towel clip Kyung Tack Yoon
14:02-14:08 Index finger pollicization for congenital thumb deformity: Functional outcomes according to the operation techniques Jin-Hee Choi
14:08-14:14 Revision surgery for the secondary deformities of the duplicated thumbs  Young-Seok Lee
14:14-14:20 Bilateral bipartite carpal scaphoid: a case report Jung-Eun Lee
14:20-14:30 Discussion
14:30-15:40 Free paper (B4) - Miccrosurgery Hyun Oun Hahn [Hahn Hyun Oun Plastic Surgery]
Yong Jin Kim [Centum Hospital]
14:30-14:36 Multiple longitudinal incomplete amputation of fingers Dong-Hee Kim
14:36-14:42 Fates and functional outcomes of the of the ring avulsion amputation of the digits Hyun-Jae Nam
14:42-14:48 Early soft tissue reconstruction in acute complex injuries of upper extremity Dong-Ho Kang
14:48-14:54 Venous or arterial free flap for volar tissue defect of the proximal interphalangeal joint: A comparison of surgical outcomes Min-Suk Choi
14:54-15:00 Digit replantation training model development using Turkey Si-Gyun Roh
15:00-15:06 Early flap detachment of reverse heterodigital island flaps Jung-Hoon Lee
15:06-15:12 VAC therapy after finger replantation Ilou Park
15:12-15:18 Low-temperature burn on replanted fingers and free flaps in hand Sang-Hwan Lee
15:18-15:24 Radial collateral artery perforator-based propeller flap for elbow soft tissue reconstruction  Ji-Kang Park
15:24-15:40 Discussion
15:40-15:55 Coffee Break
15:55-16:50 Free paper (B5) - Tendon & Ligament 2 Hee Chang Ahn [Hanyang University]
Bong Cheol Kwon [Hallym University]
15:55-16:02 Collateral ligament reconstruction of chronic proximal interphalangeal joint instability using a half slip of the Flexor digitorum superficialis tendon: A case series Kang-Wook Kim
16:02-16:09 Prognostic factors for conservatively treated sagittal band injuries of the metacarpophalangeal joint  Seok-Woo Hong
16:09-16:16 The Extensor digiti minimi transfer under Wide Awake Anesthesia  Young woo Kim
16:16-16:23 Extensor tendon repair using 8- or 10-strand core suture and extensor retinaculum release for extensor tendon ruptures in rheumatoid hand Seung-Han Shin
16:23-16:30 Failure of percutaneous A1 pulley release Hyun Jun Kim
16:30-16:37 Comparison of the efficiency between the extrinsic and intrinsic extensor muscles for extension of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the finger Sung-Jae Kim
16:37-16:50 Discussion
16:50-17:20 Free paper (B6) - Micellaneous (1) So Min Hwang [K-plastic Hospital]
In Hyeok Rhyou [Semyeong Christianty hospital]
16:50-16:55 The modified thenar flap: A safe and effective technique for fingertip reconstruction Mi-Dum Jegal
16:55-17:00 Operative treatment of thumb metacarpophalangeal sesamoid lesion Jung-Jun Hong
17:00-17:05 Wrist arthrodesis in patients with athetoid type cerebral palsy Hyun-Sik Seok
17:05-17:10 Five-year mortality of the patients who had hand amputation for DM gangrene Shin-Woo Choi
17:10-17:15 Proximal migration of retained pencil lead along a flexor tendon in the hand Dong-Gyu Lee
17:15-17:20 Discussion
17:20-17:50 Free paper (B7) - Micellaneous (2) Jae Sung Seo [W-Hosptial]
Young Keun Lee [Chonbuk National University]
17:20-17:25 Validation of digital tourniquet pressures: T-Ring compared with conventional surgical glove Hyeon-Woo Kim
17:25-17:30 Local anesthesia versus supraclavicular brachial plexus block in mini-open carpal tunnel release: a prospective randomized controlled study Jong-Hun Baek
17:30-17:35 Regenerative scarless healing of scalp donor sites after harvesting medium or thick split-thickness skin grafts Suk-Joon Oh
17:35-17:40 Novel dressing method of fixing Polyurethane foam on the soft tissue defect of the finger Sung Hwan Ma
17:40-17:45 Hirayama disease mimicking Cubital tunnel syndrome in young adolescent Young-Rok Shin
17:45-17:50 Discussion